From: David Brown on
On 26/02/2010 14:57, Symon wrote:
> On 2/26/2010 12:58 PM, David Brown wrote:
>> I've figured it out - you are using "continuous" mode, so that the pdf
>> reader is looking at the document as though it were one very tall page,
>> and thus fit-width applies to the this whole continuous page. I prefer
>> "single page" mode, in which fit-width (and fit-page) apply to a single
>> page at a time.
>> Hope that helps,
>> David.
> David, you've solved it! I tried going into single page mode before, but
> I didn't re-click the fit-width thing.
> Cheers!

Glad to be of help. Much of what I know about high speed PCB design
I've learned from listening in to you and other experts in c.a.f., so
it's nice to give a little back.

> p.s. I still maintain Altera are wrong to have landscape pages mixed in!
> I like continuous mode.

It's never easy finding a layout that suits everyone. If they kept the
tables in portrait mode, they would have less information, or be crushed
up. If they used landscape tables but kept portrait mode in the pdf
file, you'd have to rotate the page to view it. Personally, I think it
works well - but then, I like single-page mode. I think single-page
mode is more like reading a book, while continuous mode is like reading
fan-fold paper printouts from ages past.