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Thanks Geoff for the reply. I will go through it and have a compassion and
revert back to you. Thanks Geoff for the help!

Geoff Schaller wrote:
>I am only familiar with Australian hosts but you could check these guys
>out as a way of comparison. they are very good
>and they are really flexible and always answer the phone. Nothing too
>hard - reverse DNS entries, database help, ftp, help with DNS and mail,
>etc. If you want to compare prices, the Aussie dollar is about 45
>But I recommend you try to find one in your time zone so that you can
>pick up the phone and yell at them. Phone support is very important to
>us because when you don't know what you're doing, one phone call can
>save hours.
>Your country must have a zillion ISP hosts but I don't have any specific
>recommendations sorry.
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