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> Twayne wrote:
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>>> lem's post has provided
>>> some useful links.
>>> what you are liking
>>> seeking is a method
>>> to spy and there are
>>> a number of methods
>>> to help you.
>>> incidentally, keep in mind
>>> that any spyware you may
>>> end up choosing may be
>>> inhibited by any anti-
>>> virals installed on the
>>> system.
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>>>> Does Key logger only record any keyboard activity?
>>>> Can it record copy and paste files using mouse?
>>>> Can it record what application is being used at specific
>>>> time? Thanks in advance for any suggestions
>>>> Eric
>>>> "db" wrote:
>>>>> perhaps,
>>>>> key logger's
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>>>>>> Does anyone have any suggestions on any tools on XP
>>>>>> with SP3 keep record
>>>>>> on
>>>>>> activities for XP? such as copying files, running
>>>>>> application, accessing
>>>>>> internet. I know Event Viewer, but it does not contain
>>>>>> the log for copying
>>>>>> files
>>>>>> Does anyone have any suggestions?
>>>>>> Thanks in advance for any suggestions
>>>>>> Eric
>>>>> .
>> I don't know or care about "lem", but nothing I
>> recommended was spyware of any kind and won't include
>> spyware if it's downloaded from reputable web sites. Those
>> are very useful trouble-shooting tools and that's all they
>> are. You'd be hard pressed to use them for spying on any
>> machine that has any modicum of Security installed.
>> Some of the sources as SysInternals (now MS), SourceForge,
>> ElderGeek, and similar places; I don't recall which is
>> which or even if that list is HTH,
>> Twayne`
> Chill out, Twayne. I wasn't writing about anything you
> posted (I posted to this thread before you did). I was
> responding to the OP's question about "key loggers" -- a
> topic which was first raised by "db."

No problem Len. I no longer recall the details but someone linked us somehow
and all I meant was I wasn't speaking for you nor vice-versa. IIRC someone
said something about the products like you and I recommended containing
spyware . Since the reference was snipped out I chose to add a bit of
separation, that's all. Personally I don't recall what you said so I needed
to be careful of speaking for you. That's all.