From: Nodoid on

One of my drives on a raid array decided to ditch last week. No idea
why, but on restarting, the machine decided to try and rebuild the
drive. Only problem is that it just duplicated another drive which
made the machine unbootable.

/dev/sda held the boot and lvm partition
/dev/sdb held the /home directories and was overwritten with a
duplicate of sda
/dev/sdc holds my mp3s
/dev/sdd holds /home/paul/Documents

sdc and d are fine as they aren't part of the array. I'm assuming
that /dev/sdb has had everything trashed and will be completely

Luckily I had made a backup from my laptop (which is pretty much in
sync other than for email with my main box) onto /dev/sdd, but I did
it using norton ghost 15 (it was the only thing to hand and the drive
in the laptop was being really noisy, so didn't want to risk doing
anything more than I really had to - it was reporting muchos write
errors at the time).

Is there any Linux utility out there which will allow me to read a
ghost image as Wine 1.2 and crossover will run start running norton,
but then borks and dies?