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>>>>>Windows Media Player's sound is fine. So are any sound files when I
>>>>>click on them to play. The problem is when I attempt to use my sound
>>>>>recorder program to record the sound from a video or any other source.
>>>>>I get a file size, but no audio. Both my recorders were working
>>>>>before I installed WMP 11 from the WPM 9 I had on my machine. I've
>>>>>tried resetting things on my Realtek Audio Manager to no avail. I've
>>>>>tried everything I could think of and failed. I know both of my audio
>>>>>recorders, Perfect Audio Recorder and AD Audio Recorder, were working
>>>>>fine before my WMP update.
>>>>>I should explain that I had to reinstall Win XP Pro the other day.
>>>>>Previously, I did have WMP 11 on my machine and the recorders did work
>>>>>okay with WMP 11. When I reinstalled Windows XP Pro, It gave me WMP
>>>>>9, that's why I had to download WPM 11 and install that again. This is
>>>>>bummer problem. I like to strip the audio from music videos so I can
>>>>>play them with the car's CD player. It's a real pain not to be able
>>>>>to do this any longer. Yes - I have Googled and cannot find the
>>>>A friend recently had a problem like this where recording wouldn't
>>>>We re-installed the realtek driver & it fixed the problem.
>>>>He also has a problem where some sliders are greyed out ... we've
>>>>never been able to fix this one.
>>>Well, it was a good logical choice, but it didn't help at all. This
>>>is driving me buggy. I've went over every dang audio setting on this
>>>box and keep coming up with the same dang result: No recordings. I
>>>wonder if voodoo would work? I wonder if they list that type of
>>>practitioner in the white pages or the yellow pages?
>>>Anyway, thanks for trying.
>>Have you checked in the driver window (the record section) that the
>>mute button for the input device you are taking audio from, hasn't
>>been turned on?
>I found the problem. It was in the settings of the recording utility
>I'm using - AD Recorder
>I clicked on the RECORDING control in AD Recorder icon in AD Recorder
>Set it to RECORDING. How in the h--- did I miss that? Too many dang
>audio controls in Windows, Realtek, the recording utility, plus I
>think there are some others. (I ain't taking *all* the blame, dang
>I ticked the 5 volume Controls on the same AD open menu page
>In the Recording Control menu it shows the following columns:
>CD Volume
>Mic Volume
>Line Volume
>Stero Mix
>I checked them all, I muted all except the RECORDING and STERO MIX
>Done - finally!!
>Thanks for hanging in there. Misery *does* like company. :o)

Good to hear that you're back in business :-)