From: Michael on

I've unchecked 'Include this account when checking for new messages.'
Rebooted, re-entered Outlook Express. The message no longer appears. So,
thanks for helping me resolve this issue.

Also while I'm here. Sometimes I get an issue whereby, my posts or threads
refuse to send via the outbox feature. So wondering if you could 'throw
some light' on why this sometimes happens? In particular since it can end
up being an inconvenience not only to myself, yet, the remaining contacts
trying to get help from this forum.

Best regards


Ps. Thanks too for your post Bill. I'm having to resend this for the very
reason described in the second paragraph.

"Bill in Co." <not_really_here(a)> wrote in message
> Michael wrote:
>> For what I gather, Real player is mainly for playing videos.
> Or, I'd say, for playing real media audio files on several sites. In
> fact, that's the main reason I keep it - not for video. There are (many)
> better video players out there, including WMP.

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