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This issue is resolved now. I figured it out

"Cbeckwith" wrote:

> Code was writtten on the original form, but form is still named the same, the
> only thing that has changed is the control for the form changed to tabbed
> control and then I moved the individual controls to the appropriate tabbed
> sheets. Having a problem with the cmd buttons exiting to a main form, so I am
> thinking that I need to change the syntax on the code properites somehow. The
> main form is called "POCheck", the individual tabs are called "PO Form" and
> "Checkbook Form". I am not sure how the snytax needs to refer to the tabs?
> Here is an example:
> Private Sub cmdExit_Click()
> Me.Refresh
> DoCmd.Close
> DoCmd.OpenForm "Main Menu", acNormal
> End Sub
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Forum etiquette dictates that when you resolve your own problem, you post the
solution. In this way others searching for answers to the same or similar
problems can benefit from your experience, and rather than simply using the
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