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True. I did change it and it now works perfectly. Again, I thank your for
your help with in the last week or two. Your help has been valuable. I've
learned a lot. Now I hope I don't get the CRS syndrome.

Talk to you on the next problem..

John W. Vinson wrote:
>>sql6 = "Update tblMain set super1 = Null where super1 =""" & txtAssist1 & """
>>And (tblMain.SupMan) = false"
>[quoted text clipped - 3 lines]
>>supervisor not the employee. The sql6 statement is for both. Maybe I should
>>just use the first part of the sql6 statement.
>I would guess that sql6 shouldn't be looking at SupMan *at all*; the records
>that you want to update are those who have sdr555 as a supervisor, and I'm
>guessing that you want to do so whether the employee whose record you're
>updating is a supervisor or not.

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