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gargoyle60 (gargoyle60(a)example.invalid) writes:
> I was trained in SQL years ago and was encouraged to use lower-case
> letters with words separated for emphasis using the underscore
> character, for example:
> customer_num, employee_id, invoice_line, transaction_code
> I've stuck with this approach ever since, but now that I make use of
> oo programming the general standard is to name oo instance variables
> without underscores and capitalising all words except the first for
> emphasis, such as:
> customerNum, employeeId, invoiceLine, transactionCode
> However, bridging the gap between relational databases and oo
> programming means that when binding table column names to object
> variable names, I really need to pick one or the other (you may
> disagree but that's my aim).
> So, when it comes to naming columns, what are most of you using?

All lowercase, using underscore only exceptionally. (When no underscore
would make the name to confusing.)

Look at it this way: if you use different conventions for columns
and class members, you can easily tell them apart.

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