From: dcrqueens on
Actually both solutions worked for me. The statements took care of two
different questions that I had. Thanks to you both.

"Klatuu" wrote:

> You can use the Nz function to convert Nulls to Zeros:
> =SUM(Nz([TotalFiles],0))
> --
> Dave Hargis, Microsoft Access MVP
> "dcrqueens" wrote:
> > I have a report and it has a count at the end in a group footer. Not all of
> > the groups will have a value. Can Access calculate the ones that should have
> > a value and then if there is nothing for a group put None in the calculated
> > field? My SUM function is as follows:
> > =SUM([TotalFiles])
> >
> > I have tried a variety of ways listed on the site and I cannot figure out
> > the right combination of IIF Null to say none when there is no value. Any
> > help would be greatly appreciated.
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