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Tim PErry writes:

>> DOn't keys feed you the individual keyboards via di? IF so
>> sounds like he needs to work with his patches, then turn up
>> and down his stage amplification as needed <grin>.

> The band is steadaly improving, however playing live is just
> different enough from practice that some things are less then
> ideal.
> For example I have persuaded the drummer to put a hole in his kick

Can understand that. Which is one reason i always like
instruments to control their volume to blend with each
other, and in some cases such as keys get the signal
independent of their stage amplification.

> The monitoring setup makes a rock band seem easy in comparison.

> The keys uses a tripod mounted active speaker for a monitor. It
> faces out covering most of the band from behind. It is not within
> reach of keyboardist during the show... however, you have given me
> an idea.... DI followed by passive mixer then the active speaker.
> Now if I can get her to use it....

SHould be easy enough, especially if she's using more than
one board, or module. even if not, should be easier to
control her stage volume, and still give you what you need
out front.
Only reason I had to turn up on stage is the usual volume
creep of weekend warriors as the gig went on. But, my
levels to foh never had to change this way.

HOpe you can get her controlled without the fight. I always liked to have full control of my dynamics, because I
actually play with them because that's appropriate.

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