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Looking for help with a friends laptop.

She has a BigPond WiFi modem running off the phone lines (ADSL?) which
seems to be working OK.

By OK I mean my Mac laptop, her desktop, my iPad and myiPhone all work
fine when connecting with her WiFi

But her Acer laptop running XP pro has problems. When it first connects
by WiFi (it has internal WiFi) all is well - pages load quickly and it
appears nothing is wrong.

But after a few minutes web sites (eg the Uni, Banks, Apple, etc will
not load and a message like 'can't connect to server' or such appears.

If I fiddle around XP has an option of 'Repair this connection' - when I
do this it seems to fix the problem and pages and sites load as they

But, after using it for a while (eg 5 minutes or loading a dozen pages,
it fails again - eg 'cant connect to server' message appears and
pages/sites will not load.

If I again choose that 'repair the connection' then all will be well for
a short time as before.

As I am XP handicapped I cannot figure out what is wrong. Naturally I
have reloaded the WiFi drivers and the BigPond connection apps - but to
no avail

Any suggestions/advice would be most welcome (except get a Mac as I am
already on that path thank goodness)

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