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> How long should the CMOS battery last.

There's no answer to that question. Some last longer and some last
less time.

> This one was installed in the
> motherboard when I bought it in November 2007. It may have been
> installed quite a while before I bought the motherboard, if this item
> laid on the shelf somewhere.

Exactly! And that's one of the reasons you can not predict how long it
will last.

> I'm thinking it would be prudent to start with the small things like
> the CMOS battery and if that doesn't produce any improvement, move on
> to something else.

Your systems don't at all sound to me like the battery needs
replacing, but on the other hand a new battery is inexpensive and easy
to replace. So there's almost no downside to trying it.

Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP (Windows Desktop Experience) since 2003
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