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Please help me!

I got httperro log
2005-12-09 20:50:56 4387 443 HTTP/1.1 GET
/poms/dll/FASD.dll?GetSystemParameterValue?DocumentType=PharmacyOrder&Parameter=Expiry_Days - 1 Connection_Dropped DefaultAppPool

the web server would server HTML just fine, but any ISAPI (including ASP and
ASP.Net) requests fail with "Connection_Dropped" in HTTPERR. I debugged it
to determine that IIS got the request, the ISAPI executed correctly and sent
back a valid response to HTTP.SYS (so from IIS perspective, everything was
ok), but for an unknown reason, HTTP.SYS dropped the response and the

Reinstall the IIS6.0 can help or not?

Would you please give me some hint?