From: Rod Speed on
Don McKenzie wrote

> Aug 10, 2010 2:08 PM
> Conroy to keep pushing mandatory ISP filters

> Communications Minister Stephen Conroy told the ICT leaders debate in Canberra that the Australian Labor Party, if
> re-elected, would continue its implementation of the unpopular policy.

> "We will bring forward the legislation once we've finished the review [of refused classification guidelines]," Conroy
> said.


No chance of getting it thru the senate now that the coalition has decided to oppose it.

From: Mr.T on

"David L. Jones" <altzone(a)> wrote in message
> kreed wrote:
> > I think we either need to see them dump Conroy, or maybe we should
> > send a message and dump this party.
> Thankfully every voter in VIC has the ability to boot Conroy out at the
> election:
> and you can do it by not changing your desired party voting preference.
> Makes me want to move to Victoria.

I'll be voting against him, let's hope everyone else gets the message.
Unfortunately FAR too many vote above the line, so he'll probably get back.


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