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> But no big deal. I can killfile you again even more quickly than you
> can change how you post.

Ah but you failed the test this time! The proof is there for everybody to
see. I am trying my level best to stop my messages reaching you but for
some reasons you get them before I can stop them. You are a cleaver little
pig it seems.


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> glee wrote:
>> What a useless and idiotic response....or are you trying to make sure
>> the poster does not have updates installed so he can more easily
>> become infected? Unpatched systems are the easiest target.
> Show me the evidence? I can show you ample evidence to suggest that
> patches are crippling people's systems! this evidence is there for
> everybody to see on Microsoft newsgroups!

No, you can't.
So long!

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> No, you can't.
> So long!

Did I ask you anything?

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LD55ZRA <LD55ZRA(a)> typed:
> Windows have the tendency to keep indexing your files on
> the HDD so this could be the cause. Also, if your disk is
> very old then it too will show such symptoms due to wear
> and tear of your HDD. Microsoft monthly patches are the
> biggest cause of such things because your old files are
> replaced with the new ones because Steve Ballmer of
> Microsoft thinks these files with new dates will keep your
> system secure!. This is balderdash and one should switch
> off Automatic Updates immediately because these patches are
> the cause of serious problems to people's computers.

YOU are the cause of problems with people's computers. I don't recall ever
having a problem attributable to an update although I'm sure a few have been
thought to have happened. Your myopic view is hurting you.

> hth
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>> Hi all,
>> Despite keeping a lean, mean and clean XP install, the HDD
>> light on my PC briefly flashes once per second, all of the
>> time. Being slightly bothered by this activity, I ran process
>> monitor and traced it down to the registry access shown in
>> the screenshot below. Process monitor doesn't show any
>> hard drive access that coincides with the light flashing,
>> so my questions are: Why is the light flashing for non HDD activity?
>> What do those registry values do and can I stop the
>> constant access? TIA
>> -
>> steve <AT> steveevans <DOT> org
>> -

Life is the only real counselor; wisdom unfiltered
through personal experience does not become a
part of the moral tissue.

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On 3/15/2010 3:21 PM, Steve Evans wrote:
>>>> Go into Services and stop the Indexing Service and see if that is the cause. Post
>>>> back with result
>>> Indexing service was set to manual a long time ago and isn't running
>>> at the moment, so it isn't that.
>>> Here's the services that are running after a reboot.
> Stopped and disabled. The HD light flashing continues......
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> steve<AT> steveevans<DOT> org
> -

So what does the processes tab in the task manager show?
You should install Spybot S&D and enable teatimer, it will ask you for
permission for all registry changes before they are made and then you
will know what is accessing the registry.