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>>> Windows have the tendency to keep indexing your files on the HDD so
>>> this could be the cause. Also, if your disk is very old then it too
>>> will show such symptoms due to wear and tear of your HDD. Microsoft
>>> monthly patches are the biggest cause of such things because your
>>> old files are replaced with the new ones because Steve Ballmer of
>>> Microsoft thinks these files with new dates will keep your system
>>> secure!. This is balderdash and one should switch off Automatic
>>> Updates immediately because these patches are the cause of serious
>>> problems to people's computers.
>> Steve Balmer is the CEO of one of the largest companies in America.
>> That company has more CASH in the mattress than the total public
>> debt of California.
> Are you sure about it? How did that company make all that money?

Through a willing exchange of cash for product.

> Or
> what exactly is your point here?

That I'm tempted to take a successful company's - and it's CEO's -
evaluation over yours. I can, however, be persuaded differently if your c.v.
demonstrates compelling characteristics.

> Are you suggesting that piracy on a
> grand scale does pay if this article is anything to go by:

Oh, poo! The judgment after appeal is a piddly $240 million. Microsoft has
that much in the coffee shop till.

> Please clarify!!! Or just forget it if you have no solution to OP's
> query.

I wasn't responding to the OP; I was responding to those who maliciously
slander a successful enterprise.