From: Scott W. on
Thank you for your response. You mention some posts in your reponse - but I
do not see them. Am I missing something.

Thank you again.

"Savatage" wrote:

> I've read that in ver 3.7B a fix was made regarding Zup & Citrix - so if your
> using an Navision version older than that you might want to think about
> upgrading your executables.
> if that's not the case then here are some posts about creating seperate zup
> files for each citrix user - so they don't have to be reset and if the
> problem keeps happening to just 1 person's zup - you can narrow down the
> problem.
> Last thought would be if it always seems to be a problem with the printer
> you may want to think about re-installing the printer & it's driver. And
> make sure the driver is the most updated one available.