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> All my point was, is that it's annoying and frustrating to prefer
> an HP calculator when it's competitor has such a large community
> in education.

I can understand that - but you can change your mind. No, I'm not
saying you should stop preferring a HP calculator. I'm merely
suggesting that you should stop refusing to use a TI calculator in
situations where a TI calculator is more useful to you than a HP
calculator (for instance where you need a particular program which
you can find on TI but not HP calculators - or when you need a
calculator immediately and only non-RPN calculators are within reach
of you for the moment). It's a fact of life that you cannot always
make the choices you inherently prefer; learning to live with that
might help you later in life.

> Are you suggesting I carry around two graphing calculators?

If you find both of them useful, why not? They're not THAT bulky and
heavy, are they? Perhaps you could use one of them only at home
though, while doing your homework, and then not have to carry along
two calcs.

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From: Eric Smith on
nausea1995(a) writes:
> I wrote a long rant against HP, but decided not to post it. It doesn't
> look hopeful to find such a program, the few that look like what I am
> looking for are either in spanish, or for the 48.

And what is wrong with using programs that were written for the 48? As
long as they are supplied as "source code" and don't use unsupported
SysRPL or machine code entry points, they should work fine on a 49G or
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