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> strFile = "P:\Nav\SCMHeader0000001.txt"
> Douglas J. Steele wrote:
>>What's in strFile when the TransferText command is running?
>>>I don't have that extension, I have & ".txt"
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Its weird because when I take out the specs and just leave a comma like this:
DoCmd.TransferText acExportDelim, , "SCMHeader", strFile

then the Export works fine, but every field in the .txt file has quotes
around it. Only way to get rid of the quotes is to use specs no?
So when I remove the specs the Export doesn't complain about a file not
exisitng, but now I have no specs and need to get rid of the quotes. Any
thoughts on that?

Douglas J. Steele wrote:
>Sorry, nothing comes to mind.
>> strFile = "P:\Nav\SCMHeader0000001.txt"
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