From: Christopher Muto on
Ron Hardin wrote:
> My Vostro 1500 (2.0GHz 4MB L2 Cache) seems to
> have died after 20 months.
> Won't turn on (turned itself off in fact).
> On adapter, causes (90w) adapter light to go off.
> Same with another Vostro 1500 (90w) adapter.
> Take battery out, hold power button for 1 minute,
> reinsert battery, it won't turn on for battery
> either. Battery self test button shows full
> charge.
> So I take it the motherboard is bad?
> Since the repair cost is $159 plus extra for
> motherboards, it looks like this baby is destined
> for spare parts. Assuming I can figure out how to
> take one apart. It isn't obvious.
> Good reasoning?