From: Noons on
On Dec 6, 5:08 am, Ben <benal...(a)> wrote:

> problem. I'd would have to say it is probably because the ERP system
> uses fully qualified sql statments.

Bingo. If they are fully qualified table references
(owner.table_name) then the problem doesn't show up.

> Do you know if this can happen if you are logged in as one of the
> schema owners? Is this limited to a certain platform?

When I got hit, our application had a generic login
and used a "alter session set current_schema" on
the login trigger to give it access to tables of a given
schema. Our sql had no owner.table_name as we
wanted to be able to execute it against a different set
of tables by simply changing the login trigger.
Turned out to be a surprise party...