From: Mark Arnold [MVP] on
On Tue, 16 Mar 2010 15:22:18 +0100, "Christian" <cgregoir99(a)>

>>>Hi all,
>>>On an Exchange 2007 SP1 server, I've moved some mailboxes to another
>>>database on another SG on the same server. But the source database didn't
>>>shrink at all, though a full backup was performed afterwards. According to
>>>the docs, it looks like I'll have to umount then run eseutil /D against it
>>>to get back some free space (35Gb according to eventid 1221).
>>>Is there any magic equation to have roughly the amount of time this
>>>operation will take ? The database to defragment is 180Gb.
>> No.
>> No.
>> Do not defragment.
>> Create another store and move everyone equally across the two. Then
>> dismount and delete the original store. Exchange 2007 stores are
>> perfectly fine at 100GB or more.
>> You have no need what so ever to defrag that store.
>That's what I plan : scater mailboxes among different SG/DB rather than only
>one SG. But I didn't expect the DB to not shrink. And the problem is that
>there isn't enough free space on disk, only 55Gb left. I have an external
>270Gb USB drive but I'm not keen on temporarily using it for that purpose.
>What's your advice ?
You don't have a choice. Get the disk in, move the store, rebalance
the mailboxes and then get rid of the temporary disk.