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On 3/10/2010 10:59 AM, robb wrote:
> Mike wrote on 10/21/2009 11:11 ET :
>> I have a user who has a strange problem in Outlook 2007. She has a
>> rather large mailbox, about 4.5GB. When she deletes an item from her
>> Inbox, the message is not removed from the list right away. After some
>> time, it gets removed, or sometimes she needs to close Outlook and go
>> back in again. She recently migrated to Outlook 2007 (cached exch
>> mode) on a new machine with XPSP3, and she never had this issue on her
>> old laptop. I have reduced her mailbox size quite a bit, in the last
>> few days it has been decreased from almost 6GB to current size of
>> 4.5GB, but this does not seem to have helped, even after compacting
>> the OST file.
>> I have a feeling it's due to the large OST file that is thrashing away
>> at the disk removing the messages from her Inbox, so I thought
>> reducing her mailbox would help but so far it has not. Also since this
>> laptop is much newer and faster, I'm suprised this problem never
>> happended on the old laptop, although it was Outlook 2003 so not
>> exactly comparing apples to apples here. Any ideas?
> I have the same exact problem with a user at my company. He used to have
> Outlook 2003, and now has Outlook 2007 on a new laptop with great specs.
> Sometimes when he deletes messages from the inbox, they don't disappear until he
> closes and restarts Outlook or restarts his computer. Did you ever come up with
> a good fix for this? Thank if you are able to help.

Have you tried this?
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