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Dell XPS m1330, having problems with an XPS 1330 showing a dim lcd,
obviously tried on an external and it displays fine, so immediate
thought was inverter as you can just make out the intel logo bottom
right, anyway no fix, next I replaced the lcd again no fix. Now these
XPS's come in two flavours CCFL lcd and LED LCD's I have the former,
and these have a little extra power plug that runs from the web cam
flex cable to the lcd flex cable. I'm not sure if the cable powers the
lcd or powers from the lcd to the web cam , anyway i have replaced both
cables and still no fix.

I have just ran the dell diags and i get this error code 5300:0D.2B
Msg Video Max Brightness <=0.

anyone any ideas? is it a faulty LCD or a faulty motherboard?