From: Rod Speed on
Yousuf Khan wrote
> sauro wrote

>> I want to get some SD memory cards for my point and shoot camera,
>> for when my other SD cards got full when I was away from home. Additionally, I want a spare *Micro* SD card for my
>> phone.

>> Are Micro SD and SD cards identical except for size or are there significant differences?

>> Am I more likely to hit problems like reliability if I use a Micro SD card inside an adaptor?

>> Are Micro SD cards noticeably slower than SD cards of the same price?

> Micro SD cards are a bit more expensive during a price/megabytes comparison.

Thats not really true anymore. Quite a few dont bother with full sized SDs anymore.

> Otherwise, Micro SD's usually come with a Micro SD to SD adaptor card that lets you use them as SD cards also.

> So as such, I'd say just buy the Micro SD's and use them as SD's when needed.

I go the other way, essentially because nothing I have uses micro SDs, the cellphone, an N95 8GB
has it built in and doesnt take any card, and buying SDs removes one potential hassle with the adapter.

They arent that common anymore tho.