From: Roland Grothe on
I'm quite new to Pivot-Charts, so i need some help.

I use a quite simple table with Employees, segments, OrderValue, Date (only
months) and products. Every employee works in a bunch of segments

I try to produce a line chart and filter which should show me the sum,
overall, for each employee or each segment.

The emplyoyees andthe segments are page fields, the months are in the
columns and the products are in the row, which gives me an easy chart with
one line for each product. Works fine until here.

But when I select only one employee, the segment list still shows me all
segments. How is it done that the segment page field list depends on the
choice of the employee page field list?

Thanks for your help

The code is correct - its the syntax . . .
From: Herbert Seidenberg on
Excel 2007 PivotTable
Dependent Page Fields.
Advanced macro method.
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