From: Michael Shergold on
Both my drives (G: & H:) are fine and work perfectly once disks are
loaded but I can no longer change disks while operating XP.
I have to re-start XP and change the disks before XP starts..
They work perfectly under Linux (Mint8) although that is no longer
installed and I've recently tested using the LIVE CD

I've today disabled all start-up programs, re-booted and killed some
processes that might be causing a problem but to no avail.. This has
been happening for at least six months so I suspect some update at some
has caused the problem.. The machine is fully up to date and so is the
antivirus (Avast) definitions and scans etc. Both drive normally have
a RAM drive and a R/W CD in which I uses for important backups and
downloads so I rarely use the eject button but needed to yesterday again
as I was installing NAS software from CD etc..
Googling on the problem led to several hits but all assuming drive
mechanical or electrical failure.. That is not my case.
Any other suggestions please..

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