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Hi Rich,
I am asking around on the Kaspersky support forums now to find out if there
is a way to update without scanning, but the only settings I can find is to
specify only scan emails newer then X months.. which I dont like the idea of

It is also not meant to scan messages that are already scanned on the
Transport level.. but who knows what it actually does.

This product is licensed with our desktop software, so to purchase a whole
new product with licensing would be a hard sell.

Anyway, this'll have to do for now.


"Rich Matheisen [MVP]" wrote:

> On Sun, 7 Feb 2010 14:20:01 -0800, Luke
> <Luke(a)> wrote:
> >Hi Ed,
> >I seperated out the maintenence and backups so that there are no overlaps,
> >but after a day the CPU started behaving how it did previously.
> >
> >The problem was Kaspersky 6.0 for Exchange 2007. It runs updates every 2
> >hours, but after an update it scans the whole store again :S.. Every 2 hours
> >the store was being scanned for 1 hour.. not ideal.
> Is there no option to scan just the messages that arrived, say, in the
> last two days, and to do so at some time that's more convenient?
> >I've changed the updates to once a day, outside of the maintenence and
> >backup windows but before things get busy, and now the CPU teeters around 5%
> >all day, with a big spike during the update/scan around 7am.
> Updating AV signatures only once a day may not be the best thing to,
> but scanning everything on every AV signature update probably isn't
> either.
> Doesn't that AV software have an option to rescan messages when
> they're accessed? Or to rescan the entire store, say, once a week (or
> once a month)?
> You might want to have a look at MS Forefront for Exchange. Right now
> it uses Kaspersky5, but it can also scan each message with several
> other AV engines. What one engine might miss, another may catch.
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