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>On Mon, 17 May 2010 20:14:51 -0400, tony cooper
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>>On Mon, 17 May 2010 19:11:36 -0400, Bowser <Canon(a)Nikon.Panny> wrote:
>>>Be patient.....
>>I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a trip up north. Our plans are
>>flexible, so it may be ten days to two weeks. I hope you received my
>>three contributions, but I won't be around to know. I don't access
>>newsgroups with my laptop.
>>To those who will have favorable comments about my photos, thank you.
>>To those who will have unfavorable comments about my photos...well, I
>>didn't like yours either*.
>>The unfavorable comments will probably have to do with lighting and
>>background. I don't do posed photos. I do candid shots as I see 'em.
>>I don't carry reflectors, screens, an external flash, or a backdrop.
>>If there's a glare on the subject's nose or cheekbone, blame the
>>Florida sun because I'm shooting where the subjects are at the time
>>the subjects are there. Sometimes that's high noon.
>>*I probably did like yours, but I ain't gonna say so.
>I did get them, but I'll save my awful comments for when you return.
OK, I'm back. Nine days on the road from Orlando to southern Indiana
and back. I'll go through the photos later, but I don't think I took
a single photo that will appear in a SI or on one of the photo forums
I subscribe to. We were more interested in viewing the scenery than
photographing it. On the way back, I drove over 1,000 miles without
ever setting tires on an Interstate...all smaller roads through
Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and northern Georgia.

Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida