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Denny Strauser writes:

> For a band at your level, you could probably find a young soundman
> who would be willing to work for a cut of pay equal to each band
> member. I might have done this when I was starting out. The band
> members & soundman should all help load in & out of gear. The
> soundman should wire up the sound system as the band sets up their
> stage gear. This would give the soundman a possibility of making
> more money if the band makes more money, and it won't break your
> bank on low paying gigs.

True, and even though he doesn't own the gear it's worht it
to you.

WHen I briefcase a gig I might bring my toy rack, especially if I've worked with the act before or am not sure what sort
of signal processing will be there. But, you might find
somebody in your area with some knowledge who'd work for an
even cut.

Try an advert on the bulletin board of your favorite musical gear dealer. THe level of professionalism you get might be
higher than you think. SOmebody who's wanting to break into the local market and needs to get his/her name known by
other folks looking for a good board op might jump at the
chance to work for you for an even cut of the take.

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Somewhere between $50 and $150 if you supply the equipment.
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