From: Phildo on
Am just putting together a touring package for a band I work for. Idea is we
roll into a venue, plug into their power and give them a LR feed. Based
around the A&H iLive with a T112 out front, an R72 for mons, 2 stageboxes
(16ch and 32ch in different racks so we have a redundant mixengine), PL10s
on each mic stand so monitors can be adjusted by the musos, everyone on
PSM900s with ultimate ears (plus 2 buttkicker concerts for the drummer
powered by an FFA amp), full Audix mic package, stands/clamps, cables,
looms, a couple of D-Two's out front for the essential tap delays, and a
drum riser, all fully flightcased. Macbook and a MADIFace for live recording
and virtual soundchecking plus a tablet PC for use walking round the venue.
Should take the majority of hassle out of touring club venues and will make
feestivals easier to handle as well.


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