From: Denis McMahon on
Ivor Jones wrote:

> Not only that, my Aspire 1 has a 120GB drive not a flash drive.

Yes, but I was replying to Dave who was talking about SSDs and
journalling filesystems.


From: Dave on
On Nov 26, 9:28 pm, Johnny B Good <jcs.computersb...(a)>

> > On 26/11/09 08:56, Dave wrote:
> > [snip]

> >   My experience is that you can shoehorn a very
> > > workable version of WinXP onto an 8 GB drive. After much OS tweaking
> > > the performance is good.
> > Maybe it is, but I'm running Linux because I want to. I don't *like*
> > Windows, I have it forced upon me at work, the last thing I want is to
> > come home to it.
>  WinXP certainly, but you might look on win2k as a surprisingly more
> tolerable version of a microsoft windows OS (or maybe not ;-)

Thanks for the suggestion. However, I question whether Acer's WinXP
device drivers would work with Win2K. I never had any problems with
Win2K, But I would suspect that most current applications software
will have issues with Win2K. WinXP has some nice networking features
that can be easily used on my small LAN. Microsoft is evil and
backwards compatibilty is not compatiable with a philosophy of
planned obselessence.

To turn your suggesstion around: I may upgrade the internal 8GB SSD to
16 GB install Win 7 which knows about SSD issues like load leveling
and what not.

Why do I need to own at least one netbook using SSD that does not use
a spinning hard drive? The reason is security of data from physical

Let's say I'm flying at 35,000 feet and the jet plane skydives. With
my SSD based netbook I can calmly dictate my last will and testament
with complete confidence that the record will survive. If I'm so
stupid to carrying a spinning hard drive netbook I have no such

I have observed no evidence of file system corruption using FAT32 or
NTFS on an SSD under Windows (under my hands). Linux is not under my
hands. Linpus Linux sucks big time on an SSD. I was constantly
observing evidence of file system corruption under Linpus Linux on my
SSD until reinstallation was required.

I repeat, in my experience Linux is junk on an SSD. The only reason
Acer chose to install was its small footprint.

I repeat, a spinning hard drive is junk on a netbook.
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