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"Bee" <Bee(a)> wrote in message
> notes say nothing about RegeX
> DLL will not register.
> can't find VBADDIN.INI file to change. Where is it?

Try this page:

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"FM" <spam(a)> wrote in message
> It should take less than 10 minutes to scroll through 70000 lines of code
> to see each instance of "End".

With RegEx, you don't have to go through all instances of "End". You can
tell it to show only "End" if it's the last thing in a line. Try these
examples from Command Prompt:

findstr /n "End" *.*
findstr /n "End$" *.*
findstr /?

The "$" represent the end of the line.

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C. Kevin Provance wrote:
> http://www. brothersoft .com/ccrp-findall-search-add-in-140705.html

Grrrrrr! I *hate* that site! They exist solely to steal eyeballs from
the folks offering stuff for free on the web. All they do is link to
other's downloads. They actually forced me to recode how a lot of
stuff is handled on my site, so that if a request comes from outside
for a download, it's redirected to the info page instead. (As we saw,
doing otherwise can cause confusion for the person downloading.)

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