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Thank you both. My preconceived 'idea' of forms as only a means to input data
has now changed. It's a pity I can't group the way I can in the reports, as
this makes my data easier to understand. I am now exploring how to print the
formatted reports from the form with the same data range! Again, thank you
for your direction and for altering the way I think about 'forms'. This has
been of enormous benefit. I have a very long way to go...

"John Spencer" wrote:

> I don't even see the need to use a subform. You can have a continuous form
> with a form header that contains the portion that you want to freeze and the
> detail section would contain the portion you wanted to scroll.
> John Spencer
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> Jeff Boyce wrote:
> > Pam
> >
> > If you are trying to do this in a Report, perhaps you need to use another
> > tool.
> >
> > Access Reports are used to format data for printing.
> >
> > If you want to view-on-screen, try using an Access Form. Right off the top
> > of my head, one way to do something similar to what you describe would be to
> > use a main form/subform design.
> >
> > The main form "freezes" the header info, and you scroll through the subform
> > records to see the various rows.
> >
> > Good luck!
> >
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