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Your biggest problem is that you are using Absolute positioning to lay out the page. This will ALWAYS lead to problems.
Open the page in FireFox, and use
Zoom->Text Only (so this is ticked)
then use View->Zoom in to enlarge the text.
The result really is a mess. And people WILL enlarge the text.

On top of that, a page should be constructed as follows (in code view):

meta tags, styles and javascript
page content goes here

Yours is:

meta tags, styles
page content

Notice the 3 <body> tags instead of the one required, and the wrong location of <html> and <head> tags (don't worry about <!doctype>, yet).
That needs tidying up before attempting to fix the layout problems.

I suggest going through the HTML tutorials at, and also look at the Basic Web Site tutorial at
This tutorial was written for Expression Web (not FrontPage), so some of the methods may not make sense, but it does explain how a web page should be constructed and laid out.
Over the next few days, I will try to sort out to some extent.

Ron Symonds - Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)
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Rfaulkner pretended :
> Thank you so much for trying to help me. I'm
> going to need a decoding book to figure out
> what you told me to do!! I'm just a nursing
> student and this stuff is like reading a
> foreign language, but slowly I'm getting the
> hang of it.

> My URL is and
> it's pretty pathetic.

> My default page setting is at 955 x 600, but
> when I shrink it down to a smaller size, like
> 600 x 300, it only changes my view in
> frontpage, not the view on the web.

> Will frontpage not center the content in the
> window? I tried shrinking the content on the
> main page, but it is just aligned to the left,
> with a gaping empty space to the right. If
> you go to any page besides the main page you'll
> see what a mess I'm up against.

> Thank you for your help, again. While I
> anxiously await your next tidbit of advice,
> I'll try to figure out what you suggested the
> first time.

> "Ronx" wrote:

>> What is the standard size?
>> I use a fixed width layout set to 760px wide.
>> This fits every screen (excluding mobiles)
>> currently in existence, bearing in mind that
>> most wide screen users do not open their
>> browsers to full screen. Many other designers
>> use 970px wide as the "standard". Then there
>> are mobile phones - 300px wide? Again, what
>> is the standard size?
>> Place all your content into a container (<div>
>> or <table> that has a fixed width. You may
>> have to radically redesign your layout to do
>> this - only you can tell since there is no
>> link to your pages.
>> Example:
>> <body>
>> <div id="container" style="width:760px;">
>> All page content goes here
>> </div>
>> </body>
>> </html>
>> Also, set FrontPage design pane to the same
>> width as the container - in FP2003, with a
>> page open in Design View: View->Page Size and
>> choose the size. All your content MUST fit in
>> that chosen width, with no left/right
>> scrolling.
>> For other versions of FP, change the size of
>> the design pane by moving the boundary between
>> folder list and design pane. Use an image on
>> the page set to the required width as a
>> measure.
>> --
>> Ron Symonds
>> Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)
>> Rfaulkner submitted this idea :
>>> My website is enormously wide! How can I
>>> shrink it down to the standard size?
>> .

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