From: Loreen on
Rod Speed wrote:
> PE actually rang me from the bin, quite literally,

Well, it was actually intercom. They have adjoining rooms, you know.
From: |-|ercules on
"Asazel" <asazel(a)> wrote in ...
> By now you've seen a fair amount of my writing. Just for the heck of it, in
> keeping with the claim that started this whole thing,
> What is my name ?

Put it in a list with 3 other random options. I might get that $100,000 yet!

From: DM on
On 1/30/10 2:04 PM, Asazel wrote:
> Please lets keep this a discussion of principles rather than the
> specifics of any one person's experience.
> I am a doctor

Now that's a delusion if ever I saw one.
Time expire on your compulsory treatment order?

Personal opinion only