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>jacko wrote:
>> Hi
>> Sub harmonics? umm. integrate your signal, comparator slice it with
>> the LPF DCish of your signal, feed back some of this square wave after
>> dividing by two via a schmitt trigger FF into your signal. Low pass
>> filter this and add some to your original signal to make the sub
>> harmonic enhanced version.
>> Cheers Jacko
>> p.s. don't forget the sub base W bins. ;-)
>This works well with signals that have a strong fundamental, like
>guitar. In fact, there's a guitar effect that does just this. For
>signals that lack the fundamental (bells), or where the fundamental is
>of lower strength than the harmonics (can't think off the top of my head
>-- don't brass instruments do this?) it won't work.

It should work if there are clear zero crossings.
Imagine a signal consisting of peaks, should be now problem.
In such a signal the fundamentals could be very low.

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