From: Paul on
LeeG wrote:
> Fair enough.
> With this infinite loop problem being such a long lasting problem, with
> several different types of systems suffering, you would have thought that
> someone would have found out the cause. There must be some common
> denominator, however obscure, that could explain why this happens.
> Concerning this card I wish I had access to the reviews I have recently
> read. I would not have purchased this card for what I want. For a few
> pounds more I could have purchased a far superior card.
> One last question - Would you say that 1GB graphics memory on XP SP3 for
> average gaming is a bit too much. When I upgrade to Win7 would it be prudent
> to still stay with the 1GB or can you go to 512MB with no loss to
> performance. At the moment it seems my FSX uses the most graphics memory but
> this is below 512MB.

There is an article here, that tests various games with respect to
onboard memory usage.

It looks like the reason a low end card, with gobs of memory is silly, is
because if you cranked up the level of detail to the point that it
really needed the 1GB of memory, the frame rate would be extremely slow.
You could have an extreme level of detail, but it would be a slide show.

A faster card, would make better usage of the RAM, assuming you like to
turn up the eye candy. My own usage pattern here, is I never use FSAA
or the like. I find, if the game play is immersing, I don't have time
to admire jaggies on diagonal lines.

I've also tested, in the games I play, with a little bit of anti-aliasing
turned on, and didn't find it that effective. I haven't repeated the
tests with my current card, maybe because I was so unimpressed with the
previous test results. Same thing goes with high dynamic range lighting.
Just a waste of time.