From: badkins on
Elaine --

Click start
Click run
Type 'regedit'
Select edit
Select find
Type 'Share-to-web'
Click 'Find next'

This should lead you to:

Delete the registry entry and the icon should disappear.

From: itsluy on
Hi everyone,

I've just overcome this issue on one of my clients computers and
thought i'd share the experience:

1) when exploring My Computer and going up one folder (essentially the
desktop) explorer would freeze

2) when trying to attach a file to an email attachment explorer would
freeze and freeze outlook with it..

i did all kinds of troubleshooting and optimization on this machine to
no avail.

Had never heard of this Share-to-Web folder on the desktop, and you
cannot see it on the actual desktop, but only thru windows explorer.

Task Manager was used to end the process, which then finally allowed
me to right click on the Share-to-Web folder and enter the properties

Simply setting the Upload option from Automatic to Manual resolved the
issue instantly.

Hope this helps you, as removing this darned service doesn't seem to
be as easy and expected.

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