From: traderktubes on
I have a PC Clone desktop running W/XP PRO. I have 2 SATA DVDs and 2 SATA
drives, Plus a Maxtor external USB drive (these all work well) and a Maxtor
5T04H4 HD on my master IDE interface with cable select chosen(Ihave tried
both Master and slave chosen). This latter drive (Maxtor 5T040H4) is
recognized in the BIOS and in the Device Manager, as working. However, it is
not recognized under MY COMPUTER, nor will WINDOWS EXPLORER show it. I have
tested the drive with the Maxtor/Seagate SEATOOLS program and it passes on
all counts. I am trying to get into the SW on this drive so I can get my
data from it. I had some problems with a former C drive due to a virus or
trojan. This was a D drive in that system. I want to get into the drive to
eliminate any problems and then remove my data to a clean drive. Can anyone
suggest why this drive will not show up in MY COMPUTER OR WINDOWS EXPLORER?