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It's freeware - supposedly.
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On Mon, 12 Oct 2009 15:31:32 +0000, Vadim Igorev <jhRcME(a)>

>mark23(a) wrote:
>> It's freeware - supposedly.
>A bit offtopic, but... I did not use the "IObit Security 360", but for
>quite some time I used their "IObit Smart Defrag" defragmenter (before I
>switched to a business free Defraggler, that is) - the software worked
>well and I did not notice any malwares coming together with it. Free
>version was demonstrating banners, though.

Banners, eh? I think I'll take a pass on this one. It seems that too
much freeware these days have either banners or toolbars.

Thanks for answering.
From: David H. Lipman on
From: <mark23(a)>

And they've been stealing the Malwarebytes' database !

Multi-AV -

From: FromTheRafters on
"The Real Truth MVP" <trt(a)> wrote in message
> Turn around is fair play...ha hahahahahah Malware Bytes employs
> thieves so I don't see a problem. Watch when nothing happens to IOBit.
> Ever hear the term Clean hands?

Maybe they should seek you out as a character reference. You may find so
much in common between you and them.

"Thick as thieves" as they say...

From: FromTheRafters on
"The Real Truth MVP" <trt(a)> wrote in message
> They already did you stupid idiot how the hell do you think I know
> nothing is going to happen to them. I posted about it last week before
> MBAM went public, learn to read.'ll add perjury to your repertoire...or fold under cross

'Yes! I'm a liar and a thief - but I'm telling the truth *now* your
honor, well sorta.'

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