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"Rob" <mesamine(a)> wrote in message
> have a laptop which has had windows XP installed and as it has only 128m
> ram and cant use the second slot the next step is to go retro.
> Found and made a boot floppy disk which has CD Rom support.
> When this is loaded I can access fdisk but want to format the HDD drive
> back from NTFS to FAT32.
> When I type in format C: - says required parameter missing.
> How can I go about formatting the HDD. What are the correct parameters.
> thanks

Deleting an NTFS Partition
1. Select Y for treating NTFS partitions as large
2. Select 3. Delete partition or Logical DOS Drive
3. Select 4. Delete Non-DOS Partition
4. Enter 1 for the primary partition to delete
5. Enter in the number of the Non-DOS Partition.. It should show as Type
NTFS in the list above.
6. Press the Enter key
7. Enter Y for Do you with to continue
8. Press the Esc key to bring you back to the main FDISK screen.

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