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"keithr" <keithr(a)> wrote in message
> How to fix the problem (not being able to access the net)
> 1) Safe boot the PC (F8 during bootup)
> 2) Open a command line window and cd to
> x:\"program files"\"common files"\Mcafee\engine
> where x is your boot disk
> 3) Enter "copy OldEngine\*.dat <enter>
> 4) Reboot
> 5) Open a command line window and cd to
> x:\winnt\i386
> where x is your boot disk
> 7) Enter "expand svchost.ex_ x:\winnt\system32\svchost.exe" <enter>
> where x is your boot disk.
> 8) Reboot and all should be well.

1) uninstall McAfee.
2) install Avast

From: John Tserkezis on
keithr wrote:

> One problem is that the decision is taken by a manager and often for non
> technical reasons (company x gives us a great price). The manager is
> under pressure from senior management after some virus outbreak, he
> doesn't really care how good the product he uses is, he just wants to be
> able to report that he has done something about the problem. If there is
> a new outbreak, he can blame it on the anti-virus company and tell his
> superiors that he is bearing down on them for a solution. McAfee didn't
> stop a massive outbreak of Conflicker at work, but we are still using it.

We got lucky over that one. We had a couple of guys at work who used
to work with guys who now work at Symatec, and managed to get through
them, a cleaning utility.
It appeared to be very much a quick and nasty, not refined by any
means, and most assured NOT available to the masses at the time.

Since then, our guys have left, and so have the connections. Though
that doesn't stop new infections. After bashing my head against the
wall with an indian call centre worker who was polite, but oh so very
unhelpful, I managed to nut out a detection method, and cleaning
procedure for this one infection that was causing some grief.
After about a month, I received a polite call wondering where our files
were. I said I sent them twice already, through their suggested
channels and because they couldn't find them I ran out of time and
nutted it out myself.

When you pay for Symantec "support", read the fine print first, and see
if you're happy with what they offer. Namely, a brief, polite
conversation with someone in a foreign country. Though after much
headaches in determining lots of identity numbers that they already have
If you want actual help on the Anti-Viral software, look elsewhere.

> Much the same with Mcafee, if it starts a scan during the day (the scan
> times are set by the IT department in the US) I go to lunch, it reduces
> my core duo laptop to a 286.

We use live scanning, it'll catch things faster without the CPU hog of
testing the entire system, but less secure in case it misses something
brought in when it wasn't looking.
Oddly enough, we are currently paid up for McAfee, but had to swap to
Symantec due to that corporate deal I was speaking of earlier. We still
have some old boxes that weren't "upgraded" yet too.
From: Marts on
keithr wrote...

> How to fix the problem (not being able to access the net)

Funnily enough, my subscription expired yesterday. I have just uninstalled it
and installed AVG Free.

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