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John Turco wrote
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>>>> Found such a toy in local computer shopping arcade.

>>>> Is it gonna kill both hard disks by heat?

>>> 2.5 inch disks usually generate a lot less heat
>>> than a 3.5 inch disk, so my guess would be no.

>>> I'm considering one of these, or perhaps 4x 2.5" in a 5.25" bay.
>>> Two 2.5 inch 500 GB disks will be around twice the price of a single
>>> 3.5" 1 TB disk, but as far as I can see they will be quieter and
>>> lower power (even with two of them), and faster (using raid0).

>> My Samsung 3.5" 1.5TB drives are completely silent, you have to listen
>> very carefuly to see if they have spun up in a USB docking station.

>> MUCH better value and speed too.

> Yes, I must sincerely concur (on the quietness issue, especially).
> During nearly six full years of use, my main computer's pair of Samsung
> SP1614N 160GB (PATA) hard disks have remained practically silent.

Yeah, my older samsungs too.

> Not so, for any of their Western Digital or Maxtor predecessors,
> I might add! Those babies could be heard clicking away, regularly.

Yeah, me too. I did mostly use WDs before the samsungs.

> Incidentally, Rod...did you notice that I didn't edit the message I just replied to?

Yep, thanks for that.

> (I know how you hate it, when previous text is deleted.)

Yeah, particularly when you tend to reply rather later than the post
you are replying too, harder to remember what was in it if its edited.