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Wow, great stuff akalantarian

After struggling with all the previous responses and the justifiable
bickering, I was ready to give up - that is until I read your email.
Prior to this, no matter what I did, these directories kept magically
reappearing on me. Your steps, though somewhat vague in areas, pegged
the mark right on, literally hit the nail on the head - so far. Great
solution. Really though, someone should not have to go thru these steps
to obtain their desired outcome.

Now, I'm running Norton Ghost to back up my current internal harddrive
to my external harddrive, and also want to create a restore point on my
external harddrive as well (I'm increasing my current internal harddrive
to a bigger size, and don't want to lose its current configuration and
installations). Hopefully, my new hidden files on my external drive,
does not screw things up for me.

Anyway, I'll find out

And thanx for the help
Just wondering how the other contestants made out with your solution -
worked for me!!

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