From: John H Meyers on
On 2/18/2010 4:04 PM:

> Why not just uninstall E8, see what is left, and then reinstall E8 and
> watch where it installs. After all it is free.

Why do that?

> You could do the same with E7 and reinstall using a specially named data
> folder. Then move your old E7 data into the folder and when you click on
> that data folder E7 will run.

Clicking a folder will not run Eudora.

Wasn't the original objective to tell Windows what program to use
to mail things which one asks Windows to mail,
only when one doesn't directly use the desired program?

I always directly use my desired program anyway,
so I don't care what Windows would do on its own.

Most web browsers also have their own "default programs" settings,
which can override passing that decision up the chain to Windows.

Any mail program which can have multiple "profiles" for a single user
(including Eudora, Thunderbird, and the "Eudora 8" version of Thunderbird)
will tend to always make the same choice whenever invoked by Windows
for that same user, so it's up to you to arrange which profile
the program will find when it gets started with no "hint."

If each user has his/her own login, and chose "user application data folder"
for user mail and settings, then this gets sorted out automatically,
according to whoever happens to be logged in.

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