From: RayLopez99 on
On Feb 27, 5:19 pm, "Ant" <n...(a)> wrote:

> Anyway, I see you've found the likely culprit - Skype. Their protocol
> is proprietory so you would have to trust their motives for making
> these connections. Since you're blocking them and, presumably Skype
> still works, all should be well.

On Feb 27, 2:26 pm, RayLopez99 <raylope...(a)> wrote:

> Anybody else notice this in their firewall? It's just a working
> hypothesis at this point.

Yes, confirmed. Took a time out and loaded and unloaded Skype, and
sure enough, within seconds, you start getting pinged (and UDP packets
get requested to be uploaded from your PC to ports all over the
world), from all over the world, including Brazil (I'm posting from
Greece), Hungary, Korea, Russia and central asian countries / regions
I've never heard of (start with a K, not Kazakstan either).

Skype is the "virus"!

My firewall blocks all such requests of course.