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"Cloink" <Cloink_Friggson(a)> wrote in

> I'm not a geek.


> javascript communicates http requests with Perl a zillion times a day
> on the tinterweb,

The tinterweb is a slang word for the internet. It it used by those people
who are actually geeks and spend all their time on the internet but who
want to look cool and non-geeky.

'nuff said.
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Thanks - I don't think that copes though, the regexp mentioned in the
doc'n is the same regexp I'm already using.

I have emailed the author of the package though.

Thanks again.

Michele Dondi wrote:
> On 18 Jan 2007 05:33:44 -0800, "Cloink" <Cloink_Friggson(a)>
> wrote:
> >I can't believe no-one's already done it, but I can't find any exact
> >mention of it on the tinterweb.
> What is the tinterweb?!?
> >So come on - I need a Perl function to decode a URL that has been
> >encoded with a javascript encodeURI() or encodeURIComponent() call.
> URI::Escape would seem to be a good starting point...
> Michele
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> .'KYU;*EVH[.FHF2W+#"\Z*5TI/ER<Z`S(G.DZZ9OX0Z')=~/./g)x2,$_,
> 256),7,249);s/[^\w,]/ /g;$ \=/^J/?$/:"\r";print,redo}#JAPH,

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Cloink schreef:

> Look Brian clever clogs McCauley


Affijn, Ruud

"Gewoon is een tijger."
From: J�rgen Exner on
[Unfortunately you choose a poor answering style, therefore I have to guess
what you are referring to]

Cloink wrote:
> Look Brian clever clogs McCauley, I spent hours trawling the web,

Well, that's your problem. Why didn't you look at the readily available
documentation on your own harddrive first?

> don't come your "You haven't tried hard enough," sneering down your
> nose at me. The FAQ. THE faq. Which one?

See below

> Brian McCauley wrote:
>> On Jan 18, 1:33 pm, "Cloink" <Cloink_Frigg...(a)> wrote:
>>> Simply: How ?
>> This is (almost) FAQ: "How do I decode or create those %-encodings on
>> the web?"

Maybe the one to which Brian quoted the _exact_ title?
The one that pops up if you query the FAQ for any of the words 'decode' or
'create' or 'encoding'?


From: Ian on
Seriously people, is it any wonder that Perl is so niche!

With "helpers" like those in this group, there's no wonder that PHP's
so popular - the beginning Perler must take one look at this group of
self-appointed a**holes and run away shrieking!

To quote "Flower", the skunk in Bambi "If ya aint got nothing nice to
say, don't say nothing at all"

Why do you pill*cks even bother replying - oh wait, that's rhetorical
so I'll leave off the question mark and supply the answer myself...
because you have a pent-up need to show how superior you are (without
actually showing any real superior knowledge of the subject - NONE of
you actually came up with the answer, did you?).

Get a life you pr*cks! This newsgroup posting is yet another that will
be indexed by the search engines and give zero information to the


(And don't bother with your "clever" replies, I won't be coming back to
read them)