From: Suslik luna on
> Maybe his bank will reimburse him since
> it is their security feature that he
> wants to access. It does not hurt to ask.

This will not solve the original problem; and finally the bank folks can say
"this is a known issue with YOUR computer, it is not our problem". If they
are user-friendly they can tell him to re-install Windows, or try some

This is a very weird problem, because initially you can blame it on the
hardware, and then on the driver, and then on the [lack of] driver's
signature, etc. If you're experienced with readers and know some basic
details about PC/SC, you can be familiar with the problem of the faulty smart
card service.

In the meantime, I found a solution and described it here:

I tested this on two different computers - it works. I hope the original
poster still reads this thread :-)